Loyalty Program

Are you a regular customer? You can earn discounts on more wonderful products. If you order printed materials on demand at least twice a year, you can buy additional printed products and other goods at reduced prices. Enjoy the benefits of our Loyalty program.

Bronzová karta

Buy up to 10,000CZK and get a price reduction of 5% on print orders.

Silver Card

Buy up to 10,000CZK and get a price reduction of 10% on print orders and 5% on other goods.

Gold Card

Buy for more than 20,000CZK and get a price reduction of 15% on print orders and 10% on other goods.

Bohemia Paper Loyalty Program Rules

Receive Bronze, Silver or Gold Card status after your annual purchases reach the specified minimums.

Both individuals and corporate customers are eligible for the plan.

The price reductions can not be combined with other offers.

Once you attain Loyalty status, the discount will be applied to all subsequent print orders both in the current and following year.

The status of a regular customer and/or provided price reduction will be taken away from the customer if in the calendar year following the year the status was granted their orders will not reach the given level of price.

The Loyalty Program applies only to print services and goods purchased in a store.

Bohemia Paper s.r.o. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program. Exceptions to our terms will be accepted only with the consent of the manager.