Our Story

Do you know the story of the golden Czech hands from a family business at the foothills of Říp?

The story dates back to 1995...

A lawyer Petr Řehák established a family manufacture to make handmade paper, which he had dreamed about. The company was originally called Mlýn Cardinal but to present it abroad as well as to refer to its country roots the name was changed to Bohemia Paper…

This journey to paper with “a pedigree”, which was once held by the hand of Queen Elizabeth II, was not easy. The demand for quality paper was vanishing and in communication it was being replaced by telephone and the internet.


For Madonna and British Queen

As one of the last manufacturers in Europe to use traditional engraving, we continue to use the specialty handmade papers and engraving process dating from the first Czechoslovak Republic.

It is the craftsmanship and distinctive approach that brings the company success not only at home but also abroad. Customers from Japan through Europe to the United States have fallen in love with their fine stationery.

who is behind the company

Adam Řehák

Adam Řehák ve Forbes 30 pod 30

Paper, Bohemia Paper

Take a closer look at our printers‘ work with more than 20 years‘ tradition

A brief history

1993  establishing the paper mill in Zvole in Moravia

1995 – setting up the printing manufacture, photogravure printing machines were brought from USA and England 

1996 – first participation at the trade fair Paperworld in Frakfurt, Germany

1999 – the first exhibition of Bohemia Paper at the trade fair The National Stationary Show in New Yorku 

2000 - relocation of the company from Moravia to Bříza

2006 – the shop opens in Old Town Square in Prague

2008 – the shop sells luxury pens Hardtmuth 

2013 – a new company logo

2015 – Adam Řehák leads the company

2017 – Adam Řehák nominated by Forbes to 30 under 30 special edition